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BigBang is a multi-level concept of earning money by investing a small amount and also making a community of like-minded people ready to contribute. It runs on BLN based Blockchain Smart Contract system where the website is just an interface for the convenience of working with a smart contract.

Token's Offered 13800000000 Sale Price 1BIGBANG= $0
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BLNS Completed

BLNS, an integration of Bullionsx Ecosystem: the BLNS On Bullionsx platform can provide the share holders with the integration of Bullionsx features, including but not limited to Bullionsx share, Bullionsx NFT, Bullionsx Charity, Bullionsx Pay, and additional services in the Bullionsx Ecosystem.

Share Offered 525000 Sale Price 1BLNS= $11
Participants 34 Total committed $ 289969.21

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Bullion's x exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange, managed by Bullion's x organisation. Bullion's x exchange will make it easy to start trade by allowing users to convert their respective fiat currencies like pounds, Dollars directly into cryptocurrencies.

BullionX Exchange will make Crypto trading that much and user friendly that majority of cryptocurrency trading shall take place on Bullion'sx exchange which will make its share holders/ channel partners to earn more and more as per their share holding's.